What Colors Go Good With Brown [All You Need To Know]

When planning to redecorate the interior of your home or office, selecting the right color is crucial. 

While brown is not a common choice and is often labeled as a dull color, it can be used to create inspiring and highly appealing interiors when used properly. Whether you’re going for a classic look or a contemporary one, brown can be an excellent option due to its versatility.

The key to using this shade effectively lies in selecting the right colors that balance it out. Being a neutral shade, you can mix and match brown with a wide range of other colors to create the perfect setting. 

Despite this, finding the best colors that work well with brown can be quite tricky; that’s why we’ve written this guide to help you out. These color combinations can help transform your interiors into visually appealing indoor spaces.

What Colors Go With Brown


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In this section, we’re going to let you in on some of the best color choices that can be used with brown to create the perfect interior space. Whether you are planning to go with a luxurious look or a sober one, these color schemes can be implemented and modified to cater to different preferences easily.

1. Brown And White

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Neutral colors such as brown go well when contrasted with vibrant hues, so the brown and white color combination is one of the most popular ones. White allows you to use different shades of brown, ranging from dark brown to lighter hues for different effects. 

You can also use darker hues with white for a traditional look, which suits both living and office spaces. 

2. Brown And Pink

Brown And Pink

While not a very common color scheme, brown and pink, when used properly, can help you design a suitable living space. 

The pink-brown combination is suitable for both modern and vintage styles. As such, pink tones and accents can be used with the color brown to add warmth and create a unique environment. When using pink with brown, start with a brown base or brown furniture while using pink for curtains, pillows, and similar accentuating features.

3. Brown And Blue

Brown And Blue

A brown and blue color scheme can be used in several ways around the house, such as the bedroom, living room, and even bathrooms. Blue, being a cool color, is one of the best options that can be used to offset the warmer shades of brown. 

Moreover, bright shades of blue with dark brown can create a relaxing yet trendy aesthetic. You can also use blue on walls, pillows, and curtains to create a sleek and modern look.

4. Brown And Black

Brown And Black

Like brown and white color schemes, brown and black is also a classic tone. Black is an excellent color that can play off warm brown shades to create an aesthetically pleasing combination. Similarly, when you use light brown hues, it can help tone down the starkness in black so that the room does not acquire a dark appearance. 

5. Brown And Mint Green

Brown And Mint Green

Yet another cool color, green, can work well with brown tones for contrast to create an energetic atmosphere in any room. You can use green accents and brown furnishings to design a sophisticated yet comfortable living space. 

Green is also an excellent option if you are going for an airy and organic vibe. It is reminiscent of large open spaces, and can be used to enhance spacious settings.

6. Brown And Yellow

Brown And Yellow

Yellow is a color that can be used in any space for a sunny and vibrant aesthetic. Not only does it add a splash of color that makes your living room look alive, but the warm palette also has a cozy and inviting feel. 

Understandably, brown and yellow color schemes are excellent for mid-century modern decors, especially when used against a neutral background. 

7. Brown And Orange

Brown And Orange

Warm tones like orange, yellow, and brown pair beautifully when used together and prove suitable for a vibrant and attractive interior design. The warm shades of orange work well with neutral shades of brown to deliver a contrasting and energetic appearance. 

Also, dark brown paired with bright orange is ideal if you intend to create an ultramodern and sleek look. 

8. Brown And Purple

Brown And Purple

This is one of the unexpected pairings that work well in different settings. Whether you are using purple accents with brown furniture or a gray or brown undertone with purple highlights, this color combination conveys sophistication and modernity. 

Purple can be used very effectively with dark or neutral shades of brown. We suggest that when pairing brown with purple, make sure to combine saturated purples with lighter browns for the best results.

9. Brown And Red

Brown And Red

If you are thinking of pairing brown with red, selecting the right shade is essential. The red and brown color combination can be used in a wide range of settings, from bedrooms to offices. 

Plus, bright red can be used with darker, more earthy browns for a refined and modern color scheme, while darker hues create a sober, moodier atmosphere. 

10. Brown And Beige

Brown And Beige

Another popular color that goes with brown is beige, which can help create a balanced pairing with different tones of brown. Since both these colors complement each other, beige can help enhance the richness of chocolate brown hues. Beige, a neutral color, can be used with different textures using rugs, blinds, and furniture to add personality to any room. 

11. Brown And Gray

Brown And Gray

Another neutral color, gray, can help you spruce up your living room or study by enhancing the warmer shades of brown. You can use gray as a neutral background and use various colors from the brown family for accents. Wooden furniture or fittings such as brown cabinets and racks help create a stately yet welcoming environment when offset with gray or other neutrals. 

12. Brown And Turquoise

Brown And Turquoise

One of the most popular shades with brown is turquoise, which can be used very effectively to create a clean and modern look. Being a highly versatile color, turquoise adds depth and visual interest to any space by adding vibrancy to the neutral hues of brown. You can use turquoise in studies and living rooms, as well as bedrooms, for generating interest. 

13. Brown And Camel

Brown And Camel

Camel and tan tones can help enhance richer browns, especially when used with different textures. Such tones are generally used for creating a cozy and welcoming environment and can be used in living rooms and bedrooms with great results. You can even pair camel-toned furniture with accessories like rugs while using a rich shade of brown as the background. 

14. Brown And Copper

Brown And Copper

If you want to create a trendy and modern look that exudes comfort, opting for a copper and brown color combination can be an excellent choice. Pair dark chocolate browns with bright copper shades to create a unique look that is exciting and energetic. The red undertones of copper balance out the deeper colors so that the room does not look dull and monotonic. 

15. Brown And Brass

Brown And Brass

Brass tones have been around for a long time and are still incredibly popular today for creating a vintage look. You can combine brown backgrounds with brass accents to draw attention and generate interest. While adding other colors into the mix is also possible, stick to these two shades for the most visually appealing look for larger spaces. 

16. Brown And Fuschia

Brown And Fuschia

If you want to avoid a chocolate box look with a pink and brown color scheme, Fuschia can be an excellent alternative. Fuschia can help heighten the drama in every room and is an excellent option if you want to create an energetic feminine look. Both brown and Fuschia can also add depth and personality to any room.

17. Brown And Gold

Brown And Gold

Gold is one of the colors that is usually associated with royalty and can be used with brown to great effect. This bold color can be combined with a dark shade of brown in the form of accents to make your living or dining room acquire a charming appearance. You can go with this look if you want a refined and luxurious space for larger areas.

18. Brown And Mustard 

Brown And Mustard

Mustard and brown make for an earthy and simple color scheme that can make any room look cozy and comfortable. With yellow once again becoming a popular color for interior decoration, mustard can be one of the best options to pair with brown. Just make sure not to overuse it, or it can create an overwhelming appearance. 

19. Brown And Indigo

Brown And Indigo

One of the most popular color combinations of all time is brown and indigo. This timeless quality of this color scheme allows you to create classic as well as contemporary looks easily. Besides adding depth and helping create visual interest, the cooler shades of indigo act as natural foils to the warmer browns. You can even use this excellent color combination in areas like children’’ rooms, adding some patterns for greater variety. 

20. Brown And Teal

Brown And Teal

Teal is another shade of blue that can work surprisingly well with brown, especially if you want to play out the contrasts. This color combination works best with browns that have red undertones, as is often the case with brown leather or brown furniture. The cool tones of teal help the warmer brown tones pop out more, creating a lively and interesting environment. 

21. Sandy Brown And Creamy White

Sandy Brown And Creamy White

Whites can be paired with almost any other color to create fantastic environments. It is true for all shades of white, whether you go with crisp white or a creamy one. Creamy white is a soft neutral color that is perfect for creating contrasting looks with various shades, such as sandy browns. Besides creating a calming atmosphere, creamy white can be used with different organic textures for an interesting design aesthetic.

22. Brown And Fatigue Green

Brown And Fatigue Green

Just like mint green, fatigue green is a great choice for pairing with brown. While this color is generally used for camouflage clothing, its versatility offers other uses. You can use it in children’s rooms or in a family room to create a timeless look. The fatigue green and brown combination can also be used on different surfaces and textures for adding an element of interest.

23. Brown And Navy

Brown And Navy

Navy is such a popular color because it can be used with almost any other shade easily. Brown is no exception and works well with navy, helping evoke an airy and open space. You can use navy as a background while using brown accents or brown furniture to liven up the space and add charm. 

What Colors Go Good With Brown

Final Words

With that, we’ve come to the end of our list of colors that you can use with brown. Just keep in mind the type of room you are planning to redecorate to create the desired look. 

It is even possible to combine more than a single color with brown to create a stunning interior design. However, while there is no shortage of options, not every color scheme works well for all types of spaces. 

Long story short, selecting the right color combination can not only make a room look more attractive but also create a comfortable and pleasing environment. 

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